Spring has arrived

We finally have some sunshine for Spring and its been a long time coming. The weather can have a huge affect on your mood and motivation but pushing forward we had Mothers Day and Easter to look forward to. Having a few ideas in mind, I got back to illustrating on to ceramics and updated my etsy shop. There is nothing better than getting creative and making especially knowing it is all handmade adds to the charm.

I have been making use of my sketch books and filling them with ideas. The good thing about my illustrations is there is a charm about each piece I create and they work well together.  Sometimes I will sketch an idea down and test colours, other times I go straight into making without a seconds thought and sometimes I can be pleasantly surprised. I will draw out my design using a pencil on to the clay once its been fired and then apply the colourful paints not knowing what they will look like until they have been glazed and fired. This is where the magic will happen and all will be revealed to myself and my followers.  I will be sharing the process of my wares shortly but in the meantime you can see more on my etsy shop.

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