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Hello and Welcome to my brand new website and blog. As you may know I’m a graphic designer and illustrator specialising in a range of products. Since I was a little girl I’ve wanted to be a designer and loved drawing in my art lessons knowing I could get lost in myself. I never gave up on my dream, making, creating and sharing my work with friends and family. When I studied more into specialised areas I knew I was a step closer.

Once I got my first job I could put my skills to practise but I wanted to do more, I could visualise my own business and would often read about inspirational stories. I knew I could be more than an employee, I could be my own boss and have my own business.

After many business courses and always being independent, I started planning my business. It’s taken a long time in between projects and careers but I’m now here and ready to share my experiences, adventures and of course my work #girlboss

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